Abby was beautiful, intelligent, witty and charming, athletic, and loved by her family and friends. Above all of these, her greatest possession was her ability to demonstrate compassion, caring, and kindness for those with whom she came in contact.

Abby’s eyes, and smile, and infectious giggle helped to brighten your day. But what Abby did not possess was experience behind the wheel of a car.  Late one evening, a deer, standing in the middle of a dark highway caused her to swerve and lose control of her vehicle, and subsequently she lost her life.

The goal in raising funds for the Abby Miller Foundation is to enhance teen-driving education programs. The vision is for high schools around the country to instruct new drivers, through the use of driving simulators, on how to avoid and properly react to the many hazards that are encountered daily on the nation’s roads and highways.

The original hooked rug “Abby’s Pony” was auctioned at a fund raiser held by the Abby Miller Foundation. It raised $3,000 for the foundation, something that truly delighted me. I am a friend of Abby’s family and have much respect for their decision to honor Abby’s life by helping other teens. I have a 16-year-old granddaughter who is in the process of getting her drivers license and I am sure there are many grandparents and parents in a similar situation. We want our children to grow and become independent while at the same time pray that they are safe in the process.

The pattern “Abby’s Pony” was designed specifically for the purpose of supporting Abby’s Foundation. It is a fun and easy design for rug hooking. The pony can be any color you wish, although it is best to keep it simple so it shows well on the geometric background. The background was hooked with the bag of wool strips left over from other projects that we all have. 

All profits from the sale of the pattern “Abby’s Pony” will go to the Abby Miller Foundation

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